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Rigid Core Click Floor with Real Wood Feel

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Thickness: 4.0mm~8.0mm

Wear Layer0.2mm~0.7mm

Underlay(Optional)EVA/ IXPE, 1.0mm~2.0mm

Size7.25’’ X 48’’/ 6’’X48’’/ 9’’X48’’/ 7’’X36’’/ 6’’X36’’/ 9’’X36’’/ Customization


SPC Click floor or rigid core click floor has evolved into sophisticated products that high-end clients are choosing over wood and tile, because the new vinyl floor looks so similar to the natural surfaces they mimic. The SPC vinyl floor looks extremely like the natural wood, but with the similar performance as tiles. Also the reason of the lower cost,makes it more and more popular in flooring application.

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Good vision of your home is the most important thing for every person, floor covering as the large and main part of our home apparently needs pay more attention on the look as well as function. When it comes to look, nowadays the wood grain always be the preference of millions of thousands of customers for their flooring. TopJoy SPC flooring wood selection is selected with the most popular texture and grain, uses the advanced embossing process gives our flooring a truly real wood feel, when you see it, you touch it and you feel it, almost like a real wood. But it owns some function that hardwood flooring doesn’t have, which is necessarily need by customer. SPC flooring can 100% used in water for its absolutely waterproof feature, SPC flooring can be easily maintained in your daily life for its anti-microbial, anti-bacteria characteristic, it is easy to clean. Besides, as for its rigid core structure and the UV surface protective, it is intensity and excellent impact resistance, that means SPC floor can’t be easily damaged or scratched in your daily life. As a popular multiple-function flooring, SPC Rigid Core Click Floor, must be giving you a excellent experience on the flooring.



Surface Texture

Wood Texture

Overall Thickness




Wear Layer

0.2mm. (8 Mil.)


6” (152mm.)


36” (914mm.)


UV Coating




Commercial & Residential

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