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Hand operated inward opening curved arm window opener

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Hand operated inward opening curved arm window openerYuqiang’s star product-hand operated window opener not only effectively solves the problem of high-rise and super high-rise. When a fire alarm occurs, the fire-fighting smoke exhaust window can be automatically opened, thereby quickly exhausting indoor smoke and toxic gases, which greatly improves the fire safety index of the building. The excellent product performance and humanized design concept of electric window openers are widely praised by customers.

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Hand operated inner flat opening curved arm window opener

Hand operated inner flat 2

Product Name Product Picture Product Drawing No Adjustment Range Product Drawing No
Hand cranking machine neipingkai ADM-SQB002z-02 It is used in conjunction with the hand handle SQBO2A-O7. Note: speed ratio 1:19
Hand crank neipingkai2 SQB02A-07 It is used together with sqbo2a-o2 manual downer
Push-pull rod neipingkai3 SQB04A-01 Length of aluminum tube = center distance between opening fan and parallel opening fan – 40mm The internal casement window is configured with one drag two or more, and the threads at both ends can be rotated left and right.
Window sash connector (internal flat opening) neipingkai4 SQB04A-02 Special for internal casement window. During installation, the short edge of the window sash connector is flush with the edge of the opening sash. Note that one of the holes is equipped with opposite screws.
Flat bar curved arm neipingkai5 ADM-SQBo01-06 450mm Special for internal casement window. Note that the installation aperture of the flat rod and window sash connector is 6.2mm.
Push-pull support neipingkai6 ADM-STL001-02 69mm It is consistent with the height of the output shaft of the manual lower machine

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