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Champion Wall Reinforcement Adhesive

Short Description:

The Champion Wall Reinforcement Adhesive is an environmentally-friendly high-quality wall adhesive made, through emulsion polymerization, from various functional monomers and auxiliary environmental-friendly auxiliaries. The product contains no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene series, heavy metals, o-benzene plasticizer, and nonylphenol. Featuring wide uses, the product can not only effectively penetrate and seal the wall substrate, but also has good compatibility with cement. It can adhere to and roughen the smooth substrate surface and has a comprehensive performance that achieves the best balance between penetration, sealing, water resistance and bonding. This product not only meets consumer requirements for various performances, but also is environment-friendly and in line with the concept of green and sustainable development.

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20kg*1/net 18/15

10kg*1/net 9

Scope of Application

This product is suitable for roughening and sealing smooth concrete substrates and improving adhesion. It can also be used for strengthening brick walls, cement mortar plastering layers, as well as concrete top layers after putty removal, and for penetrating, sealing and strengthening renovated putty layers with low strength.

Product Features

No addition of formaldehyde, good penetration and reinforcement and easy application


1. To ensure the use effect, the substrate surface should be clean, dry, flat, and free of dust and oil stains;

2. Dilute with 10%~ 30% water for substrate penetration and reinforcement; use a roller or brush to make even and complete coating; only start the next process after the reinforcement glue is fully dry.

3. When used to roughen the smooth surface of the substrate, the reinforcement adhesive cannot be diluted with water. Instead, mix the reinforcement adhesive and cement (42.5 ordinary portland cement is recommended) according to a 1:2~ 2.5 ratio, and evenly brush with a roller or brush.

4. The usage is 1.5~2. 5kg/m2 (mixed slurry) for substrate roughening and 8~12 m2/kg (adhesive) for substrate penetration and reinforcement. The actual dosage varies with the substrate conditions and dilution ratio.

5. Customers should determine the most suitable application scheme according to different uses and environments to ensure the best comprehensive performance of the product.

6. The best storage temperature is 5℃-35℃.

7. It is forbidden to brush emulsion paint directly onto the product;

8. Soft and incomplete substrates and old paint films should be removed before using this product;

9. For the roughening process, the prepared slurry should be used up within 2 hours;

10. Please do not apply the product in wet or cold weather (temperature < 5℃, relative humidity > 80%);

11. It is normal to have a little precipitation during storage, and make sure to stir evenly before use.

Executive Standard

GB 18583-2008, HJ2541-2016, 3TREES Health+ and French A+ Certification

Storage Life

The product in intact packaging can be stored in a cool and dry place for 12 months from the date of production.

  1. This product series appears in a milky white or light yellow liquid state, with no obvious irritating smell. If you find any apparent abnormality with the product within its storage life, please contact the local service provider for assistance.

  2. Due to the different use, use environment and other factors of each customer, users have the responsibility to test the product provided by our factory so as to verify whether it is suitable for their process and application. Otherwise, 3TREES will not be responsible for any loss caused by improper operation or use. 

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