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360 Epoxy Dry Hanging Adhesive (Superior)

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Product Specifications

18kg/set & 24kg/set

Scope of Application
  • Decoration works and stone installation with high quality requirements;

  • Stone paste and dry hanging; cut-free retiling & refitting of old walls; permanent bonding of wooden furniture;

  • Bonding, caulking, repairing and sealing of reinforced concrete building structural parts;

  • Suitable for bonding stone, wood, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, cement prefabricated parts, clay brick, glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial stone and other materials (including suspension installation).

Product Features

China Environmental Labelling certification, strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and excellent compatibility

Application Instructions
  • Clean the surface of the substrate to be bonded, and keep it dry, clean and free from oil stains.

  • Take out Component A and Component B according to a weight ratio of 1:1, mix them evenly with a mortar scraper, scrape up the mixed adhesive to form a small pile in the center of the mixing plate, then divide the small pile into four equal parts, and further stir the corresponding parts. The mixed adhesive shall be completely uniform in concentration and appearance.

  • The effective application time is within 15 minutes after colloid mixing.

  • Apply the adhesive with a scraper or other special tools.

Executive Standard

JC887-2001 Epoxy Adhesives for Dry-Fixing Stone Curtain Wall

Storage Life

When stored in a cool and dry environment below 27°C, the product has a storage life of 12 months.

  • If the bonding surface is too smooth, it is recommended to roughen the surface first.

  • The bonding surface should be dry and dust-free, and fully plastered with the adhesive. If the bonding surface is wet or the application environment is too humid, it is also easy to cause stone coloring and pollution.

  • Improper mixing or inadequate reaction of Components A and B will lead to the failure of curing of some adhesives, and the resulting strength of the adhesives will be very weak. Moreover, non-reacting components will seep around the marble and cause leakage, stone coloring and pollution.

  • The dry hanging adhesive cannot bear weight at the initial stage of curing.

  • The initial curing time after mixing (at 25℃) is 30-60 minutes. After 24 hours, it will be completely cured and reach the corresponding strength.

  • To dry hang onto a large stone or ceramic tile more than 1.2 meters long, a steel piece must be used, and the structural adhesive can only play an assisting role.

  • The suitable temperature for application is 5℃~ 35℃.

  • Before use, test the adhesion of the substrate material on site to determine the degree of application suitability.

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