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Champion Anti-Fungal Liquid Nail

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The Champion Anti-Fungal Liquid Nail is made from new polymer materials. It has the advantages of fast curing, high bonding strength, firmness, durability, good weather resistance, mold-proofness, water resistance, easy application, no need for boring or nailing, and no damage to the substrate. The product has a wide range of uses and can be used for the bonding of most building substrate materials. At the same time, the product meets 3TREES’s Health+ standard, which is more stringent than the national environmental standard and can satisfy your pursuit of healthy life.

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Scope of Application

This product is suitable for most substrates, such as wood, stone, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, rubber, gypsum board, fiberboard, various artificial materials, and handicrafts. It is widely used in construction, advertising, decoration and manufacturing industries.

Product Features

Health+ standard, China Environmental Labelling certification, mold and moisture proofness, lasting bonding, and no formaldehyde

Application Instructions

1. Clean the surface of the substrate to ensure it is free of oil stains and dust;

2. Cut the top of the rubber hose, pierce the inner tin foil layer with the rubber nozzle, cut the rubber nozzle into the required size and shape along the 45° direction, then install the rubber nozzle on the rubber hose, and finally place the rubber hose on the rubber gun;

3. Apply the nail to the surface of the substrate in dots, stripes or zigzags. Single-side application will do.


Dry bonding method

Extrude the nail onto one bonding surface, press the two bonding surfaces together, then pull them apart, leave them to cool down for 3-5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes), and then press the two sides together to achieve the positioning effect quickly.


Wet bonding method

Squeeze the nail onto one bonding surface, press the two bonding surfaces together, and fix them with tape or clamp immediately. After the initial bonding of the nail (about 24 hours), remove the tape or clamp and other temporary fixtures.



  • No auxiliary fixation is needed for bonding plane surfaces or light objects;

  • For bonding heavy facades, early auxiliary fixation is needed for both the dry and wet bonding methods.

Executive Standard

JC/T2186-2013 Mastic Adhesives for Fixing Wallboards

GB 18583-2008 Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials – Limit of Harmful Substances

Storage Life

The product has a storage life of 18 months when stored in a cool, dry and ventilated environment below 30℃


1. Prevent children from eating by mistake and contact with the skin and eyes;

2. This product should not be placed close to inflammables. It is recommended to apply the product in a well-ventilated area;

3. Avoid using the product in a high temperature environment, such as metal roof and heat pipe. The product is not suitable for bonding water-soaked, oil-seeped or plasticizer materials.

4. The product is made in strict accordance with all the technical indicators of the relevant standards. Due to differences in climate, environment, use method and other factors, performance test should be conducted before use, and the product can only be used after reaching the predetermined effect.



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