ACF-MA Wall Mounted Alloy Aluminium Impeller Exhaust Air Application Fire Rated Axial Flow Fans

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ACF series Fire Rated Axial Flow fans are used in exhaust air application, where fresh air intake & stale/polluted air exhaust is needed. These fans are having cast alloy aluminium impeller, statically & dynamically balanced, and directly coupled with electric motor. The fans which come under this category are Wall Mounted, Duct Mounted & Foot Mounted. This fan suitable for 280℃ for 0.5 Hr in Case of Fire. These fan suitable for Basement Car Parking Ventilation, Tunnel Ventilation, Lift & Staircase Pressurization & Industrial Ventilation. FOB Price: US $100 – 999 / Piece Min.Order Quantity: 1Piece Supply Ability: 3000 Piece/Pieces per Month Brand Name: LIONKING Model Number: ACF Material: Galavnized Steel Voltage: 380V Air Volume: 1000-12000m³/h Speed: 480~1450r/m Certification: AMCA ,CE ,ROHS,CCC Type: Axial Fan Brand Name: LIONKING Model Number: ACF Material: Galavnized Steel Mounting: Wall Mounted Pressure: Medium Pressure Voltage: 380V Power: 7.5~4000KW Air Volume: 1000-12000m³/h Speed: 480~1450r/m Certification: AMCA ,CE ,ROHS,CCC

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The ACF-MA series axial fans were developed by Zhejiang LION KING Ventilator Co., ltd. There are 15 models of the axial fans in the AXA series that ranges from sizes 315 to 1600 mm Wheel diameter. The air volume ranges from 1,000 m3/h to 230,000 m3/h, and the total pressure can be achieved 1500 Pa. AXA series fan units are dual-purpose fans ( standard and fireproof), they can continuous operate over 0.5 hours when the flue gas temperature reaches 280 °C, these fans have been tested by the “National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Test Center”. They are new-type for high-rise buildings about the dual-purpose ventilation.

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Impeller Diameter: 315~1250mm
Air Volume Range: 1000~12000m3/h
Working Temperature: Work continuously more than 0.5 hours in 280C  gas fume.
Applications: Mainly used for ventilation and fire fighting exhaust  systems at special places of engineering buildings(such as explosion-proof or anti-corrosion environment

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1. Impeller Diameter: 315 ~1250mm.

2. Air Volume Range: 1000~12000m3/h.

3. Total Pressure Range: 200~1600Pa

4. Sound Range: 60~84 dB(A).

5. Drive Type: External rotor motor direct drive.

6. Model: 315, 355,400, 450, 500, 560,630,710,800,900,1000,1120,1250,1400,1600

7. Applications:This fan suitable for 250 Deg C for 2Hr in Case of Fire. These fan suitable for Basement Car Parking Ventilation, Tunnel Ventilation, Lift & Staircase Pressurization & Industrial Ventilation.

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Construction of Product

ACF-MA series fans are mainly constructed of impeller, housing, motor and connecting hose. Motor directly driven.
Fan housing and motor frame are made of mild steel, and flange formed by the burring machine. All steel parts are gone through powder coating after manufacturing. According to customer requirements can be hot-dip zinc treatment.

The hub and blade of the impellers are made of aluminium casting can increase the performance range.

Standard motors’ Insulation Class is F, and Ingress Protection is IP54 or above. Ambient temperature is -20 C ~ +40 C, the other operating conditions are shown in the requirements.

Fan characteristic

1.High Efficiency
The introduction of Germany advanced technology and CFD three twisted wing blade, has a more aerodynamic shape, broad leaf type, large twist angle and reasonable hub ratio design, make its efficient wider range. Strict control of casing and blade radial clearance radial clearance M 0.5%. It can reduce air leakage mostly caused by the efficiency loss.

2.Low Noise
Samples of noise spectrum table is based on the AMCA noise detection data collating, contributes to different frequency band muffler selection. For the occasion with more harsh noise requirements, we can provide the coating structure.

3.Reliability and Stability
Fan after two level dynamic balance correction (impeller dynamic balance correction, overall machine dynamic balancing correction ),and the internal impeller dynamic balance grade according to the AMCA204-05 standard G2,5 level, reduce noise and vibration, stable and reliable operation. Fan surface using electrostatic spray processing, no flow phenomenon; environmental protection; appearance, strong adhesion, corrosion resistant ability is high. Fan flange welding free design, directly on the cylinder flanging forming, greatly increases the structural strength of the cylinder body.

4.Strong Applicability
ACF-MA axial flow fan with adjustable angle blade type, can optimize the fan operating point, widened the single models of fan performance range, so that the fan selection more flexible, for the scene of the actual usage, for the two selection, reasonable adjust the fan operating point, can effectively solve the problem of field parameters changes to the actual fan running parameters need to be adjusted to the problem.


LION KING -Axial flow fans are available for all forms of running. The chart information shows all standard forms of running. Please indicate us when you order.
Form of running is especially relevant when weather proof motors are required Arrows indicating correct rotating and direction of airflow are mounted on the outside of the fan housing.


Sound Levels

The ascertaining of the sound level follows the Reverberant Room Method according to AMCA 300. In the performance curves shows the A-weighted sound power levels.

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