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3TREES Stone Bonding and Repairing Adhesive (Standard)

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Quick solidifying, highly thixotropic, no sagging, oil tight, highly adhesive

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This product can be stored for 12 months in a cool, dry place, at 5-30°C.


JC/T 989-2016 Structural Load-Unbearing Stone Adhesive

  • It must be mixed strictly according to the proportion, to avoid incomplete solidification or over crispness. To speed up or slow down solidification, increase or decrease the amount of curing agent. The primary solidification time (at 25℃) is 5-15 minutes. Complete solidification and designed strength come in 24 hours.

  • Keep the lid tight and avoid sunlight. Once mixed, the glue cannot be put back into bucket.

  • This glue is designed for fast locating and filling of stone holes and cracks. For solid adhesion, our AB Epoxy Dry Hanging Structural Adhesive is recommended.

  • Have an adhesion trial before formal use, to ensure satisfaction.

Application Instructions
  • Make sure the substrate surface is dry, clean, and free of oil or stain. A surface too smooth should be roughened first.

  • According to the amount needed, take out A, B components (weight ratio 100:2-3), mix them on a flat board until the color is even. Once mixed, the glue shall be applied within five minutes.

  • Avoid moving the parts before complete solidification. No weightbearing at primary solidification stage.

Product Features

Quick solidifying, highly thixotropic, no sagging, oil tight, highly adhesive

Scope of Application

For gluing various kinds of stones or filling cracks on stone surface


3.5kg/set, 18kg/set, 20kg/set

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