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Waterproof Oak Wooden SPC Vinyl flooring

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ItemTYM 217

Thickness: 4.0mm~8.0mm

Wear Layer0.2mm~0.7mm

Underlay(Optional)EVA/ IXPE, 1.0mm~2.0mm

Size12” X 24”/ 12” X 12”/ Customization


SPC vinyl flooring is made with Marble looking style. As one of the waterproof planks among all the popular flooring nowadays, it boasts the strongest waterproof ability that can be used completely with water for its rigid core. Also, with its ZERO formaldehyde character, it is becoming popular flooring both in residential and commercial applications.

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When we talk about the choice for ground flooring nowadays, we have some of the good choices, like WPC, Hardwood, LVT, and SPC, all these are popular types. But one is so outstanding for its excellent features in many aspects. SPC flooring, which made from the mix of limestone and vinyl resin, the stone powder is its main raw material. That’s why it is called rigid core, from its name you could know it has the strongest core as a plank, meantime it could be 100% waterproof when used with water, has no problem with water compares to other types, this may posts no question to you then choose a type of flooring, no matter it’s for residential or for commercial usage, there is no doubt the way it deals with water always one of a factor you will think about, with SPC flooring you can be 100% assured. In terms of what it turns out in look, you can put your trust on it too, SPC flooring can be available with thousands of patterns. Just name your desired place where you need to decorate, SPC flooring always have one right pattern there for you.



Surface Texture

Wood Texture

Overall Thickness




Wear Layer

0.3mm. (12 Mil.)


12” (305mm.)


24” (610mm.)


UV Coating




Commercial & Residential

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