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Toilet water control valve two way brass angle valve three way brass angle valve forging brass angle stop valve

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Angle valve advantage

The main body is all copper red punching forging, integrated forming, high hardness, bending and torsion resistance, no rust, no rust water, brass forging, to eliminate the traditional sand casting production may produce porosity and water leakage hidden trouble. The handle feels comfortable and light

Structure design
switch way all adopt the open structure, slow overseas design and export quality, USES the high quality brass stem of 59, through special craft processing gasket imported from Japan, can bear the high temperature of 90 ℃, low temperature embrittlement, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, durable, no foam, strong sealing, water-saving economy, service life is up to more than 500000 times. Tight and thick structure, thickness & GT; 1.8mm, with super high pressure explosion-proof performance, slow opening switching mode compared with fast opening structure, save water, avoid the traditional ceramic valve core because of climate temperature changes, resulting in ceramic valve core bite wear caused by water leakage hidden trouble.

Electroplating grade
Ten layer plating, enough thickness, uniform, smooth, elegant color, beautiful

Lead standard
In line with the national GB/T1176 standard containing lead, no harm to human health, to ensure that you and your family use products without harmful metal elements, protect the health of users


Weight: 222g
Color: chrome
Package: brown box/piece.50pcs/ctn


Weight: 224g; Color: chrome; Package: brown box/piece.50pcs/ctn

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Q1:How long does the mold development of your company take?
A:According to the drawings provided by the customer, it can be completed in 1-2 months.

Q2:Any famous suppliers of your company?
A:In domestic,we have clients TOTO shop ,LENS shop ,American standard shop, Grohe shop which all have good reputation in the international market!

Q3:What are the specific categories of your products?
A:Our company specializes in the development, production and sales of brass floor drain, bib cock, angle valves and other bathroom hardware; It is a focus on all-copper bathroom hardware products.

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