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Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Plank Color Loyal Court

Short Description:

ItemBSA 04

Thickness: 4.0mm~8.0mm

Wear Layer0.2mm~0.7mm

Underlay(Optional)EVA/ IXPE, 1.0mm~2.0mm

Size7.25’’ X 48’’/ 6’’X48’’/ 9’’X48’’/ 7’’X36’’/ 6’’X36’’/ 9’’X36’’/ Customization


Rigid Core Vinyl flooring is not only 100% waterproof and fire-resistant, but it also provides dimensional stability, durability and impact resistance up to 20 times that of current laminate flooring technology. It combines with a design that replicates the aesthetic and natural variation of hardwood creates truly uncompromising flooring for your home.

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TOPJOY Rigid Core Vinyl flooring Plank Loyal Court color, a versatile flooring product applicable not only at residential rooms but also at commercial places. Its wood visual has taken over the residential units as it offers the development owners a realistic wood pattern at a fraction of the cost of real wood. Commercial spaces utilize wood patterns in many instances, however organic visuals offer businesses an opportunity to be creative and create unique spaces.

This Loyal court color rigid core vinyl plank is not radiating elegant and classic style but also holding its dimensional stability and integrality. Thanks to its unique structure, which including a stone core and a durable, scratch-resistance wear layer to match plus a UV coating, the plank is the most durable one built for toughest environment.

The rigid core vinyl plank gives you peace of mind for years to come.



Surface Texture

Wood Texture

Overall Thickness




Wear Layer

0.3mm. (12 Mil.)


7.25” (184mm.)


48” (1220mm.)


UV Coating




Commercial & Residential

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