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RGI Series Rotary Electric Gripper

Short Description:

RGI series is the first fully self-developed infinite rotating gripper with a compact and precise structure on the market. It is widely applied in medical automation industry to grip and rotate the test tubes as well as other industries like electronics and New energy industry.

Product Detail

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Gripping & Infinite Rotation

The unique structural design in the industry can realize the simultaneous griping and infinite rotation on one electric gripper, and solve the winding problem in non-standard design and rotation.

Compact | Double Servo System

Dual servo systems are creatively integrated in a 50 × 50 mm machine body, which is compact in design and can be adapted to many industrial scenes.

High Repeat Accuracy

The repeatability accuracy of rotation reaches ±0.02 degree, and the repeatability accuracy of position reaches ±0.02 mm. Through precise force control and position control, the RGI gripper can more stably complete the grasping and rotating tasks.

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