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QM Series Anchor Chain Shot Blasting Machine

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SummaryQM Series Anchor Chain Shot Blasting Machine is a special type shot blasting cleaning equipment for Anchor Chain. After shot blasting by this machine, it will remove the oxides and attachments on the surface of the anchor chain, And by the causing plastic deformation on its surface, effectively improve the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of anchor chain.Greatly increases the adhesion of the paint film.

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QM Series Anchor Chain shot blasting machine adopts full protection and design the machine doesn’t need the foundation.
It is equipped with strong power Impeller Head in the cleaning room for the Anchor Chain.
It has fewer consumable parts, simple and fast replacement, and with high production efficiency.
After shot blasting by this machine will remove the oxides and attachments on the surface of the anchor chain, And by the causing plastic deformation on its surface, effectively improve the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of anchor chain.

Main technical parameters:

Item QM625-I QM625-II
Line section diameter Ø4-Ø25 Ø4-Ø60
Productivity 1-3 m/min 2-5 m/min
Impeller Head Quantity 2 4
Power of the Impeller Head 2*15 4*15
Total power 60 100


QM Series Anchor Chain Shot Blasting Machine is a special type shot blasting cleaning equipment for Anchor Chain.
It consists of Shot blasting Cleaning room; Sealing room; Impeller Head assembly; Steel shot circulating purification system; Dust removal system; Electrical control system; and Inlet and Outlet guide wheel group.

1.Cleaning room:
The body of the cleaning room is welded by steel plate and structural steel, lined with wear-resistant protective plates.
The shot blasting cleaning room is equipped with 2/4 sets of shot blasting assemblies.
The protective plate of the shot blasting room adopts a high wear-resistant and impact-resistant ferrochrome protective plate with a thickness of 12mm.
The large cast hexagonal nut are adopted by our company, and its structure and the contact surface of the protective plate are larger.
2.Sealing room:
Considering the situation of steel shot flying during the shot blasting process, there are multi-layer resin glue curtains and sealing boxes with sealing brushes at the entry and exit positions of the shot blasting chamber.
The rubber curtain and the brush seal the steel shot splashed inside the chamber body, completely preventing the steel shot from flying out from inside the chamber body.
3.Impeller Head assembly
The Impeller Head assembly is composed of Impeller Head, Motor, Belt pulley; Pulley and so on.
4.Steel shot circulation purification system:
Steel shot circulation purification system can be divided into circulation system and shot material separation and purification system.
It is composed of screw conveyor; Bucket elevator; Separator, pneumatic (or electromagnet driven) Steel shot supply gate valve, steel shot delivery pipe, etc.
①This separator is specially designed for the separation of small diameter shot materials.
②It is composed of air separation system, including: Air door; Screen; Separation shell, Connection pipe, Adjustment plate, etc.

Steel shot distribution system:
①The shot gate valve controlled by the cylinder is used to control the supply of the steel shot at a long distance.
②We can through adjust the bolts on the shot controller to obtain the required shot blasting amount.
③This technology is independently developed by our company.
④Shot selection: It is recommended to use cast steel shot, hardness LTCC40 ~ 45.
5.Dust removal system:
This equipment is equipped with a filter cartridge dust collector.
The dust removal system includes dust collector; fan and fan pipe, and connecting pipe between the dust collector and the host machine.
Unique and effective dust removal structure:
It is a new generation of high-efficiency dust collector which is designed and manufactured by our company on the basis of absorbs domestic and aboard advanced technology and has the following advantages:
a.Very high space utilization:
b.Good energy saving, long filter life:
c.Easy to use, low maintenance workload:
d.Good filter cartridge regeneration performance:
e.The dust emission concentration of the on-site working environment meets the national environmental protection requirements.
6.Electronic control system:
Using world famous brand PLC, such as SIEMENS. Germany; MITSUBISHI. Japan;etc.;.
All the other electrical components are made by domestic famous brand manufacturers.
The entire system can be operated automatically, and each part of the equipment runs in sequence according to a pre-programmed program.
It can also be manually controlled, which is convenient for commissioning and maintenance personnel to adjust the equipment.
The operator can start each functional part in sequence, or not, In order to test the performance and operation of each related component, Signal operation on individual functional components (such as hoist) in sequence.
In order to ensure normal and safe operation, the equipment is equipped with an alarm device. If a fault occurs in a moving part during the production process, it will immediately alarm and stop the entire line of operation.
The electrical system of this machine has the following characteristics:
①The inspection door is interlocked with the shot blasting device. When the inspection door is opened, the shot blasting device cannot work.
②A fault alarm function for the shot circulation system is provided, and if any component of the system fails, the components will automatically stop running to prevent the steel shot from jamming and burning down the motor.
③The equipment has automatic control, manual control and control function under maintenance state, and each process has chain protection function.
7.Inlet and Outlet guide wheel group:
The roller table is at a certain angle to the running direction of the anchor chain, while walking; rotating while cleaning.
The speed of the roller table can be adjusted according to the diameter of the anchor chain and the cleaning effect.
The diameter of the roller table shaft and the bearing type of the bearing are all calculated according to the maximum load to ensure that the shaft and the bearing of the bearing are operating normally.
The V-shaped idler of the chamber uses wear-resistant materials, which has a long service life, reduces the maintenance rate, and ensures the continuity and safety of the equipment.
8.Free cost list:









Wear resisting cast iron


Directional sleeve


Wear resisting cast iron




Wear resisting cast iron

9.After sale service:
The product warranty period is one year.
During the warranty period, all the faults and damaged parts of the electrical control and mechanical parts due to normal use will be repaired and replaced (except for wearing parts).
During the warranty period, the after-sales service implements an “instant” response.
Our company ’s after-sales service office will be provided technical service in time within 48 hours after receiving the user ’s notification.
10.Test items and standards:
This equipment is tested according to the Ministry of Standards “Technical Conditions for “Pass-Through” type Shot Blasting Machine” (No .: ZBJ161010-89) and related National Standards.
Our company has a variety of measurement and testing tools.
The main testing items are as follows:
Impeller Head:
①The Impeller body radial runout ≤0.15mm.
②End face runout ≤0.05mm.
③Dynamic balance test ≤18
④The temperature rise of the Main bearing housing idling for 1 hour ≤35 ℃.


①After separated, the amount of waste contained in the qualified steel shot is ≤0.2%.
②The amount of qualified steel shot in the waste is ≤1%.
③The separation efficiency of the shot; sand separation is not less than 99%.
Dust removal system:
①The dust removal efficiency is 99%.
②The dust content in the air after cleaning is less than 10mg / m3.
③The dust emission concentration is less than or equal to 100mg / m3, which meets the requirements of JB / T8355-96 and GB16297-1996 “Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants”.
Equipment noise
It is lower than 93dB (A) specified in JB / T8355-1996 “Machinery Industry Standards”.


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