Premium Car Beige Microfiber That Feels Like Leather

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Microfiber PU leather, using nylon for the bottom and polyurethane for the top layer, is high-end artificial leather, we provide more than twenty kinds of colors for customers to choose.

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Introduction of microfiber that looks like leather

Microfiber leather, also known as “two-layer cowhide”, commonly known as: artificial leather with cowhide fiber, the official term is “super fine fiber synthetic leather”. A piece of “skin embryo” is made by mechanical calendering method, and then processed by coating or laminating with PU film through wet or dry method.

Application of microfiber that looks like leather

Microfiber: Microfiber is widely used in men’s and women’s shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, labor protection shoes, work shoes, fashion shoes, sofas, home furnishings, massage chairs, leather goods, leather bags, handbags, ticket holders, certificates, stationery, balls and other sports goods, gloves, belts, clothing, etc. are processed and decorated.

Feature of microfiber that looks like leather

  • High wear resistant, high tear and tensile strength.
  • Waterproof, insect-proof, mildew proof, in the low temperature -20 degrees Celsius will not harden, crack.
  • Acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, environmental protection performance is superior uniform quality, easy to cut and scale production, greatly reduce side waste.

Pictures of microfiber that looks like leather

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