What’s The Right Colors of Vinyl Click Flooring for Different Styles

Every home owner has his/her preferring styles for home decoration. And do you know which color vinyl click flooring will mostly show your taste?

Here are the details from Topjoy Industrial for your reference:

1、Nordic Style
The Nordic style is simple and atmospheric, and more attractive, even if it takes a long time, it will not cause aesthetic fatigue!
In the combination of Nordic style, you can choose light-colored vinyl click floors. If you want the space to be warmer, choose light wooden grain color; if you like cool colors, you can choose gray or whiter colors vinyl flooring. These vinyl click flooring colors will never be out of date and mistakes!


2、The New Chinese Style
You can choose the original wooden color vinyl click floor. It is not recommended to use too dark mahogany and teak grain vinyl click flooring. Because that will appear that the overall decoration is too dense and not simple and generous!


3、Southeast Asian Style
For this style, the semi-matte lacquered vinyl floor is more suitable. For vinyl floor colors , you can choose yellow grain vinyl floor, parquet grain vinyl floor to match with. The vinyl click floor with colorful grains will make the entire living space very cumbersome.

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4、Rural and Japanese Style
For Rural and Japanese style, it is recommended to choose a mild light wooden grain vinyl floor, which gives people a clean and comfortable feeling of being in nature.


Post time: Aug-10-2020

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