The Rigid Core Vinyl flooring VS Oak Wood Flooring



Oak has the advantages of its own wood species:


1. Corrosion resistance;

2. Easy to dry;

3. Good toughness;

4. High density;

5. Long service life and etc, which are deeply loved by the market.



However, There are not many high-quality materials for oak in the market and the price is very expensive, and the high-quality materials can reach nearly 1,500 USD per cubic meter. The oak wood is hard and heavy, with high strength, and it is difficult to remove the moisture. If the furniture does not run out of moisture, it will begin to deform after one and a half years. Some unscrupulous merchants in the market will counterfeit oak with other wood species. You must do your homework before buying to avoid buying counterfeit products. The difference between true and false oak is that in addition to the wood grain of the cross-section, wood rays can also be seen. Common wood species do not have this kind of wood rays. The fake one can be scratched by hand, but, the real oak material does will not be scratched.

TopJoy stone plastic flooring (SPC Flooring) can imitate the styles of oak flooring and cover all the above superior good performance of oak wood flooring, even better than it with its stable rigid core basic layer and advanced locking system. SPC flooring brings an ease space for user with the same decoration effect with oak wood flooring.


Post time: Aug-28-2020

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