PVC Flooring Solution For Kindergarten

There is a new kindergarten to be installed? Or you want to renovate the kindergarten? There is no idea of the solution?  Don’t worry about it. We Top-Joy International has been specialized in PVC flooring over 20 years. And we are so familiar with the kindergarten solution.

1. Subfloor: Cement floor
If the soomthness of the cement is good, that means the difference of level is less than 3mm. Then you could install colorful vinyl flooring sheet or the click vinyl flooring directly, no glue needed. There are different design, such as wood grain, stone look and carpet look.  If the cement is not smooth,  however it is hard enough and no sand, then the self-leveling is needed to make the surface smooth.  If there is much sand, you should re-make the smooth cement floor.

2. Subfloor: Ceramic Tile
The surface is smooth, and little gap, no relax. You could also install the click vinyl flooring or colorful vinyl flooring roll directly.

3. Hallway
We suggest to use colorful vinyl flooring roll, with different colors to design.

4. Stair
Use the special stairstep, which is anti-wear, anti-slip and nice.

If you want to know more solution of the kindergarden, school, mall, please contact us.

Post time: Nov-27-2015