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  • Vinyl flooring with no formaldehyde or Phthalate

    We are so proud that our vinyl flooring is without formaldehyde or Phthalate. In the modern life, more and more people pay attention to health. Top Joy vinyl floor is safe and green. What is formaldehyde? What is the harm? At room temperature, It is a colorless with a pungent, distinct odor, stro...
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  • Why vinyl tile is more and more popular than carpet?

    Carpet vinyl flooring, it is carpet or vinyl flooring? The truth is that vinyl floor with carpet pattern. In other words, the printed layer is carpet drawing. As is known to all, the feelings of carpet is unmatched, but the price is expensive, maintenance is trouble. So manufacturers, use the bes...
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  • How to install vinyl plank flooring?

    Before installing vinyl plank flooring, make sure the room temperature is not too much different from 64°F – 79°F for a period of 24 hours. This temperature should be maintained during installation. The subfloor should be clean and flat. Use leveling compound if the subfloor is not flat. Re...
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  • Maintenance Ways for Indoor PVC Flooring

    1) Keep ventilating and drying In a closed environment, there will be hemming、embossing phenomenons. So the venues with PVC sports floor should be checked and ventilated regularly. 2) Close the window on rainy days The venue’s doors and Windows should be immediately closed on rainy days, in or...
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