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Hardware For Aluminum Inward-Open Window

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Hardware For Aluminum Inward-Open WindowWhen you open the window absolutely, that will be,large opening area, good ventilation effect, good sealing performance, safe and convenient to clean the window, switch handle life up to 100,000 times, 9-level wind pressure resistance performance, but it occupies a large indoor area after opening,can be installed inwardly open and inverted to solve

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Suitable for aluminum window with standard 15×20/14×18 Euro- slot.


1. Flexible and smooth opening brings you more pleasant, easier and happier feeling. 2. High corrosion resistance: The inside parts are matte- galvanized with trivalent chromium passivation and then protected with sealant lacquer,  which guarantees 1000 hours NSS test.. Environmental friendly and no harmful materials.. The exposed parts are either treated by anodization or antibacterial powder coating. For anodized parts, the color is gentle and never changed. For powder coating parts, the antibacterial performance conforms to international standardJISZ2801:2000≥2.0

The world’s favorite lock




No. ltem Name ltem No.
1 Handle YBZ0422 (Powder coating)
YBZ0522 (Anodizing)
2 Drive Bar YLK01
3 Locking Bolt YXK03
4 Keeper YLSK01
5 Drive Bar YZSK01
6 Lift Support YZSD01
7 Friction Stay YCD01
8 Hinge YLPJ2001(Anodizing)
YLPJ2002 (Powder coating)


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