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Epoxy Resin Bushing APG mold

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Epoxy Resin Bushing APG mold APG bushing mold for casting epoxy resin bushing,supply casting sample trail mold service

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1.We have 6 APG clamping machines to trail molds. Casting good products for clients.

2.Steel of Die: P20,

P20 die steel has been pre-hardened to 285-330HB (30-36HRC), which is equivalent to Sweden 618 and Germany GS-2311, and can be directly used for mold processing

3.Hardness of die: 57-60HRC

4.Die service time: 1 million times

APG mold Production flow chat:


used for casting epoxy resin bushing from 11-36Kv

1.Step 1: install bushing APG Mold on APG clamping machine
2.Step 2: install accessories,inserts into APG mold.
3.Step 3:Clamping apg machine,injection epoxy resin into mold.
4.Step 4:Epoxy resin curing inside mold,open clamping plate,take out product.

Shipping mold:


Trail mold,make voltage transformer samples before delivery after inspection

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