Double sided perforated back panel shelf

Short Description:

1.ITEM NO. : YD-S003A

2.NAME:Double sided perforated back panel shelf

3.SPECIFICATION: L1000*W500*H2000mm (Acceptable of required size)

4.Layers: 4

5.Surface treatment: Epoxy mresin static electricity,process 60-80um

6.Material: High quality GRS

7.Capacity per layer: 80-150kg/layer

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Shelf characteristics:

This double-sided luxury flat-back shelf is similar to that of YD-S002. The difference is that YD-S002 is a single-sided shelf, only one side can be used to place goods, and one side is generally used against the wall. And this product can be placed on both sides, the display space is larger and more comprehensive. The conventional style is composed of one main frame and two sub-frames. This product is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamped and formed by molds for phosphating and rust prevention, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, and the structure is reasonable. The plywood is flat and smooth and adopts a thicker rib design, which is more firm. The column adopts a double-row hole thickening design, the column and the back plate are easily installed, and no screw accessories are required. This snap-in design is more convenient and stable. The combination of products is seamless.The shelf has the characteristics of tall, strong, firm and durable:

1. Reasonably increase the thickness of the column to eliminate the possibility of uneven compression and deformation, so that the height of the shelf can reach more than 3 meters.

2. The root of the supporting arm is heightened, the supporting capacity is increased, and the width × length of the laminate is enlarged, which meets the capacity of large-scale shopping malls.

3. The surface treatment is all made of matt high-grade paint, with soft light to eliminate visual fatigue.

4. The side body of the foot of the column is welded, which increases the safety factor of the shelf, prevents the shelf from gradual change under the weight condition, and eliminates hidden dangers in the shopping mall.

5. Good versatility, equipped with special accessories for various merchandise display, suitable for comprehensive supermarket-level market demand.



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