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Building Insulation Facade Insulation Rock Wool Blanket 1.2X3M

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Rock wool felt is made of basalt and other natural minerals as the main raw material, melted into fiber at high temperature, and processed by adding an appropriate amount of binder. It is made of rock wool felt covered with iron wire, stainless steel wire or glass cloth. This product is suitable for the insulation of storage tanks and large-diameter pipelines.

mineralwool blanketrock wool blanketMineral Wool Blanket


Rock wool blanket maintains the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation and also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics, especially for low frequency and various vibration noises.

Rock wool metal wire mesh seam felt: suitable for high vibration and high temperature environment. This product is often recommended for thermal insulation materials for boilers, ships, valves and large-diameter irregular pipes.

Rock wool basalt wool felt: suitable for large-span industrial equipment and building structures, anti-breaking, easy construction, and dustproof performance when used on building walls.

It has high stability, light weight, can be cut and sharply, easy to process, does not corrode metal materials and various components in buildings, the fiber is non-toxic, and can be used safely. Excellent air permeability, convenient construction, strong resistance to high temperature shrinkage, stable system structure can be maintained in the event of a fire, and physical characteristics of efficient sound absorption and noise reduction and elastic vibration reduction.

It has a good absorption effect, which is beneficial to reduce noise pollution and improve work surroundings. Rock wool with aluminum foil surface also has strong heat radiation resistance, it is an excellent lining material for high temperature workshops, control rooms, machine rooms, compartments and flat roofs​.

Density: 70-120kg/m3 Thickness: 40-100mm Width: 600mm Length: Customized
Thermal conductivity: 0.033-0.047(W/MK) Operating temperature: -120-600(℃)

During construction, it can be cut as needed. It is mainly used for shock absorption, sound absorption and noise reduction in building interiors, noise reduction systems, vehicles, refrigeration equipment, and household appliances.




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