Abrasion Resistant Toughest Impregnated Microfiber PU Leather

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Microfiber synthetic leather has a variety of thickness and grain, which can meet the decoration of different locations in the interior of the car, and microfiber PU leather meets the requirements of green life.

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Introduction of Microfiber Leather:

Bensen’s microfiber leather forms a structure similar to that of leather collagen fibers. The polyurethane distributed around the fibers makes the entire synthetic leather base fabric form a single unit. And it forms a micro-fine permeable three-dimensional network. By cross-linking the microfibers together in three dimensions, it acts as a backbone and support.

Because the microfiber leather has similar feel and characteristics with the leather, the price is more competitive and more quantity, the production material chosen is more environmentally friendly, in the market microfiber can be used in a wider range. In terms of car interior, used to decorate car seats, on the one hand, microfiber leather has good breathability, in a long time driving will not have a hot feeling, on the other hand, the softness of microfiber also increases the comfort of driving. For car steering wheel, the good performance of microfiber makes the driving will not appear slippery phenomenon, its acid and alkali resistance to ensure that it will not be corroded by the human body secretion of sweat, will not appear the leather fall off the situation.


Q1: Can I get the free samples?

A1: Yes, 1 yard of FREE SAMPLES are available, we appreciated for your understanding that the freight charge will be collected.

Q2: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A2: We are specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing PVC /PU /Semi PU /Bonded leather / Microfiber leather. Apart from strong market competitive price, various colors and trendy designs are available, and qualities are very stable.

Q3: Are you a factory or a foreign trade company?

A3: Yes, we are both and can give you a better price.

Q4: Which side of the market do you work on?

A4: China, Europe and America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc

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