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200KW Stainless Steel tube mill Impeder for High Frequency Induction Welding Device

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Production Introduction of welding 200 kW for welding steel pipes

Low ripple coefficient to meet the constant power output, which can be used for welding high-end automotive tubes, aluminum headers, copper tubes, and various series of stainless steel tubes

Production Parameter (specification) of the 200kw Pipe welding machine set  

Main Design Index of Solid State H.F. Welder 
Output power 200kw
Rating Voltage 230V
Rating Current 1000A
Design Frequency 300~400kHz
Electricity Efficiency 90%

Recommended range of pipes that can be welded by the 200kw welding machine (IGBT Module Type)

Pipe material carbon steel
Pipe diameter 20-60 mm
Pipe wall thickness 0.6-3.0mm
Welding Mode Induction type of High Frequency Solid State Welding Machine
Cooling Mode Use Air-Water cooler system or water water cooling system to cool induction type 200kw HF welding metal round carbon pipe making machine steel pole pipe production line
After sale service Online support,Field installation,commissioning and training,Filed maintenance and repair service

Process advantage of steel tube seam welding machine

① Integrated anti-static metal enclosed cabinet design;

② IGBT module unit adopts IP20 enclosed box structure, which is convenient for maintenance and installation;

③ The combined water-cooling radiator adopts advanced friction stir welding technology, and the unit reflow type to the design increases the water-cooling heat dissipation efficiency by 20%

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